Talk About Death and Dying

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Death is a universal experience to which we can all relate. While some openly embrace talking about death and dying, others avoid the topic altogether. We endeavour to use inclusive and respectful language when talking about death and dying on this site.

So, why is talking about death and dying important?

Open and honest discussions about death help equip us to support others who are sick, dying or grieving. This can encourage meaningful conversations about advance care planning and palliative care with the people who matter most and health care providers.

Living with the end in mind can also help us make the most of their lives.

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Death Cafe

Death Cafes provide a safe environment for sharing whatever is on your mind related to death and dying.

Additional Tools

See here for a list of other tools to prompt conversations about death and dying.

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Need to talk?

My name is Brian. After a friend of mine's mother passed away and the funeral was over, I found myself wanting to talk to somebody about life, death, grieving and recovery, and I have no idea where to look. Do venues for these types of conversations even exist?

Death Cafe