Talk About Death and Dying

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Death is a universal human experience. So why do many avoid talking about it? 

Open and honest discussions about death can help to better understand death and ensure a person's wishes for end-of-life care are known and respected. 

Without these discussions, remaining family members and caregivers may struggle to make important decisions while in the midst of their grief.

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Death Cafe

Death Cafe events provide a safe environment in which to share your thoughts about death and dying.

Additional Tools

Death Cafes are one way to help people broach the subject of death and dying. See here for a list of other tools to prompt conversations about this topic.

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Need to talk?

My name is Brian. After a friend of mine's mother passed away and the funeral was over, I found myself curious to talk to somebody about life, death and my own personal thoughts on the subject. I have no idea where to look. Do venues for these types of conversations even exist?

Death Cafe