My Wishes Alberta Workbook

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About My Wishes Alberta

This workbook guides you to think through what is most important to you about your life, health and personal care and to share this information with the people who matter most to you, as well as with your health care providers.

Completing this workbook will help prepare you and others to make important decisions about your care now and in the future. It does not replace formal advance care planning documents such as a personal directive or Goals of Care Designation order.

My Wishes Alberta was adapted from Coming Full Circle, a resource developed by the Canadian Virtual Hospice and a national Circle of Elders and Knowledge Carriers. Special thanks to the My Wishes Alberta Working Group who provided valuable advice on the adaptation of this resource.

What it covers

Topics covered in My Wishes Alberta include:

  • What matters most to you.
  • Thinking about your wishes for care.
  • Talking about your wishes.
  • Making sure your wishes are honoured.

Access the workbook

Print versions

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My Wishes Alberta Workbook (Regular Print)

My Wishes Alberta Workbook (Large Print)

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Electronic versions

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My Wishes Alberta Workbook (Regular Print)

My Wishes Alberta Workbook (Large Print)

stylized illustration of people

Helping others?

Hi, my name is Morningstar and I'm a volunteer with our local Pride Centre. I want to offer an advance care planning workshop, as I'm aware that many of my fellow LGBTQ2S+ people would prefer to have these kinds of sensitive discussions in a supportive and caring environment.

As such I'm currently looking for friendly resources to help educate people about this process.

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