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Raising a child is not the only thing that takes a village. Coping with life’s ups and downs at any stage is easier with a community around you.  

Compassionate Communities is a movement dedicated to building community support for people who are sick, dying, caregiving and grieving. Its goal is to create communities that care, where people have the knowledge and skills to provide practical and emotional support.

Explore how you or your organization can strengthen community support for people touched by sickness, death and grief.

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Compassionate Communities

Find out more about this global movement and how to put it into practice in Alberta.


PalliLearn courses help people develop the knowledge and skills to be a supportive friend and neighbour in times of sickness and loss.

Additional Community Support Tools

Follow this link for a list of other tools to nurture Compassionate Communities.

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Are you a decision maker?

My name is Roxanne and I'm a newly elected councillor in Okotoks, AB, as well as a hospice volunteer. Part of my vision for this community is to create a network of supportive individuals and agencies for people facing end of life, and I'm hoping to get my fellow councilors on board with this.

I've heard of an international movement called "Compassionate Communities" and am eager to learn more.

Compassionate Communities