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The saying "it takes a village" is as relevant to caring for those who have life-limiting illnesses as it is to raising a child.

Ensuring that all people with serious illnesses and those close to them are provided the care they deserve requires supportive communities.

See the links below to find out more about the global Compassionate Communities movement, the PalliLearn community education program and how to engage your community to better care for one another through illness, aging and grief.

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Compassionate Communities

Compassionate communities are communities that believe it is everyone’s responsibility to care for each other through serious illness, dying, caregiving and grief.


PalliLearn is a series of courses that help people develop the knowledge and skills to be a supportive friend and neighbour in times of sickness and loss.

Additional Community Support Tools

PalliLearn courses are one way to nurture Compassionate Communities. See here for a list of other tools to support those who are sick or caregiving.

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Are you a decision maker?

My name is Roxanne and I'm a newly elected council member in a small rural Alberta municipality, as well as a hospice volunteer. Part of my vision for this community is to create a local network of support for people facing end of life, and I'm hoping to get my fellow councillors on board with this.

I've heard of an international movement called "Compassionate Communities" and am eager to learn more.

Compassionate Communities