Supported Decision-Making

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What is supported decision-making?

Supported decision-making is an authorization process that enables someone to help a capable adult make personal decisions.

For more information, visit the supported decision-making section of our resource directory.

Why would I need this?

Even if an adult can make their own decisions, there may be times when they need help making personal decisions.

Supported decision-making allows for adults who still have capacity (the supported adult) to select up to three individuals (supporters) to help them make personal decisions – but not financial decisions.

This authorization could help a capable adult when they: 

  • Are facing difficult decisions and would like help in the decision-making process.
  • Are having difficulties communicating in English.
  • Have other communications difficulties. 
  • Have mild disabilities. 
  • Need help for a short time due to a temporary condition.

What can a supporter legally do?

A supporter has legal authority to:  

  • Access the adult's personal information needed to make a decision
  • Help them communicate that decision  

How do I start this process?

If you believe you would benefit from supported decision-making authorization, visit the Government of Alberta website for next steps and to access the authorization form.

A supported decision-making authorization form is not registered anywhere, so the supported adult and the supporter should each have a copy. 

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