Plan Ahead

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Medical emergencies happen. Planning ahead can help make life's unexpected turns easier to handle. This section will help you do this.

In Alberta, it is recommended that everyone over the age of 18 prepare the following three documents: a will, enduring power of attorney and a personal directive.

They all serve different purposes. They are described in more detail throughout this section.

Health Planning

Advance Care Planning

This section explains how you plan, discuss and document your wishes for the health care you want to receive now and in the future.

Supported Decision-Making

Choose someone you trust to help you make decisions.

Organ and Tissue Donation in Alberta

If you want to donate your organs or tissue after you die, consult this section.

Financial Planning

Enduring Power of Attorney

This is a legal document that gives another person the authority to make financial and legal decisions on your behalf.

Estate Planning


This important legal document outlines how you would like your property and possessions distributed after your death.

Educational Tools

My Wishes Alberta Workbook

This workbook helps you identify what is most important to you about your health and personal care.

Plan Ahead Toolkit

This toolkit supports community organizations in developing and facilitating initiatives to help community members plan ahead.

Plan Ahead Resource Directory

This directory contains additional resources on health, financial and estate planning useful to the public, community organizations and legal professionals.

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Is your health on your mind?

Hi, my name is Shane. When a friend of mine had a heart attack during a soccer game, it got me thinking about what would happen if this happened to me. So, I read up on the plans you're supposed to make when you get older, discussed things with my partner and recorded my wishes. It feels good getting my affairs in order.

Advance Care Planning