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What is PalliLearn?

We all know people who are dealing with a life-limiting illness or caring for someone who is. We want to help but we don’t know how.

Developed by Palliative Care Queensland in Australia and soon to be modified for an Alberta audience, PalliLearn is a series of short educational sessions that pair research findings with practical advice so that we’re better prepared to play a part in caring for those around us.

Special thanks are due to the PalliLearn Working Group who are assisting us in adapting this tool for Alberta audiences.

What it covers

PalliLearn includes the following four courses, which are currently being adapted for an Alberta audience:

  1. What Matters Most to Me?
  2. Your Role in a Compassionate Community
  3. What is Palliative Care?
  4. How to Have Conversations about Dying and Grief

Take a course

PalliLearn (Original Version)

Host or facilitate courses

PalliLearn is delivered to the members of the public by trained facilitators. Contact us if you’re interested in training as a PalliLearn facilitator or if your organization or community group is interested in hosting sessions.

stylized illustration of people

Seeking support?

My name is Steve and I'm helping take care of my mother-in-law who suffers from dementia. I live in a small town in northern Alberta and there are not a lot of local resources for caregivers here, and it's a struggle to stay resilient. Where can I find relevant online resources?

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