Plan Ahead Toolkit

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About the toolkit

Are you an organization interested in running initiatives to support members of your community in planning ahead? 

The Plan Ahead toolkit contains Alberta-specific information on health, personal, financial and estate planning. The toolkit provides guidance on running successful initiatives on these topics for your community.

By providing education and resources on these important topics, organizations can empower their community members to take control of their futures and plan ahead.

This resource was produced with the assistance of the Plan Ahead Toolkit Working Group.

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Plan Ahead Toolkit

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Toolkit supporting material

Advance Care Planning Quiz | Contains eight questions on advance care planning, complete with an in-depth answer key.

Advance Care Planning Checklist | Covers the five steps of advance care planning and includes resources to help people start each step.

Plan Ahead Checklist | Outlines the important processes involved in health, financial and estate planning.

Evaluation Survey for Participants | Features comprehensive questions aimed at gathering feedback from Plan Ahead workshop participants that can be customized according to your needs. 

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Looking for further resources?

Hi, my name is Alex and I'm a recent law school graduate articling for a family law firm. My employers have asked me to write some material for their website on advance care planning and related matters and I'm looking for some reference material to help me.

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