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Like what you see here? We have print resources available for order. Making these resources available is a great way to empower people to learn about palliative care and think about advance care planning.

See below to find out what we have available and how to order.

Print resources available


Cover image of Advance Care Planning Alberta Brochure



Cover image of My Wishes Alberta Booklet


Front and back images of the Death Cafe bookmark


Front and back images of the PalliLearn bookmark


Front and back images of the My Wishes Alberta bookmark


Front and back images of the Understanding Palliative Care bookmark


Front and back images of the Plan Ahead bookmark


How to order

For small orders, please reach out to us through our Contact Us page with your name, mailing address and details of your order.

Large orders should be made through DataOnline. See this downloadable PDF for instructions for AHS and non-AHS personnel on how to make larger orders.

Please allow between five and ten business days for your orders to arrive.


Don't see what you're looking for here? Got recommendations for other types of resource material? We would love to hear from you. Please contact us to let us know what you would like to see.