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What is Death Cafe?

Death is a difficult topic of conversation for many. However, there is a growing movement towards fostering a more open conversational culture around it. Death Cafe is perhaps the best-known force in this movement.

Founded by Jon Underwood and Sue Barsky Reid in the UK, Death Cafe events provide a safe environment in which to share your thoughts about death and dying. Founder Jon Underwood believed that talking about death “helps people make the most of their (finite) lives.”

Consider participating in one if you would like to explore this topic in a comfortable social setting. Better yet, host a Death Cafe in your community to open the door to talking about death and dying with the people around you.

Attend a Death Cafe 

Death Cafe events are held regularly across Alberta. Current regular venues include the following:

Other events occasionally take place elsewhere. To find a Death Cafe near you, visit the Death Cafe website's Forthcoming Death Cafes section.

Facilitate a Death Cafe

Interested in facilitating a Death Cafe? Here's how to get started: 

  1. Read our report on Death Cafes in Alberta to find out about the popularity of Death Cafes in our province, the strengths and limitations of the format and recommendations for anyone interested in hosting or facilitating a Death Cafe. The report summarizes research on Death Cafes and shares findings from a survey and focus groups we conducted with facilitators.
  2. Access the Death Cafe Facilitator Guide for step-by-step instructions.
  3. Contact us. We can provide additional support and connect you with a larger community of Death Cafe facilitators in Alberta.

Do you already facilitate Death Cafes in Alberta? We'd love to connect with you.

Contact us to add your Death Cafe to our event listing and receive a notification about the launch of our Facebook group for Alberta Death Cafe facilitators – a place to connect with fellow facilitators, share learnings and support one another.

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Trying to generate conversations?

My name is Olga and I'm an end-of-life doula. Part of my role is helping families and individuals have frank conversations about death and dying, and I'm always looking for new resources to help generate interest. Tell me more.

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