Funeral Planning

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What is involved in funeral planning? 

Funeral planning is making decisions about what to do with a person’s body after they die and the type of service to be held to honour and remember them.

Funeral preparations are influenced by personal values and beliefs as well as cultural and religious practices. For example, many cultures have specific customs around the body, mourning periods, funeral attire and use of specific flowers and decorations.

Why is it important?

Planning your funeral ahead of time can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your preferences will be carried out as you want.

Planning it ahead of time also prevents unnecessary financial costs and makes decision-making easier for the people that matter most to you.

For further information, visit the funeral planning section of our resource directory.

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Starting a new job?

Hi. I’m Tyler, and I am pretty excited about this new job. It’s in the tech industry, and I think this company is going to be great to work with.

Now that I have a salary, benefits and even the start of a pension plan, it makes sense to think about my future health care planning.

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