Why Do Advance Care Planning?

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Why should I plan my care in advance?

If you are too sick or injured to speak for yourself, advance care planning allows your wishes to be known to your trusted ones and health care team so everyone knows how to take care of you.

By preparing your plan now, you reduce stress and conflict for your trusted ones, especially when important healthcare decisions need to be made.

Further, your plan will provide peace of mind, knowing your care wishes have been documented and discussed.

Like many people, you may find that the process of advance care planning can prepare you for other important decisions in your life because you will have reflected on what matters most to you.

Advance care planning is a gift that you give yourself and your trusted ones. You may never need your plan but, if something happens you’ll be glad you have it.

Start building your advance care plan today. 

When should I start planning?

Any time of your life is a good time to start advance care planning. Ideally, you should start the process when you are healthy and before there is an urgent need for it. 

I have finished the advance care planning steps. Now what?

Advance care planning is a process. It is not meant to be done in one sitting and placed on a shelf.

Review and update your documents as your health changes, or your beliefs, values and wishes evolve. This website identifies important milestones where you may want to review and edit your advance care planning documents.

Continue to have conversations with your trusted ones and health care providers so that everyone is aware and updated on how you wish to be cared for.

You may also want to consider documents that will help you plan for other things in your life, such as your finances, property and possessions. These include a will and enduring power of attorney.

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Personal struggles?

Hello, I'm Charlotte. I've long struggled with serious clinical depression, and while I'm doing much better now, I worry about a possible relapse. I'm especially worried about what would happen to my mental health if I were to be diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. I would want someone I trust to be able to help me make important decisions in case I'm not thinking clearly.

How To Begin Advance Care Planning