Green Sleeve and Tracking Record

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What is a Green Sleeve?

A Green Sleeve is a green plastic folder that holds your advance care planning forms and other important health care documents.

Read more about Green Sleeves at MyHealth Alberta.

What goes in a Green Sleeve?

Green Sleeves are intended to contain your advance care planning forms: your personal directive, your Goals of Care Designation order and your tracking record.

A tracking record is a document that comes with your Green Sleeve, which your health care provider uses to write down conversations they have with you about your advance care planning.

Nobody else should write in your tracking record.

Why is it important?

It provides easy and immediate access to printed copies of your important health care documents for you, your family and your medical team.

Don’t assume your health care provider already knows your instructions or has access to these documents electronically.

How do I get a Green Sleeve?

Ask your health care provider (such as your family doctor) for one, or visit Alberta Health Services to have one mailed to you for free.

When you receive your Green Sleeve, schedule a time with your health care provider and trusted family members or friends to discuss your health care wishes.

Where should I keep it?

It should always be kept on or near your refrigerator, as that is where health care providers are trained to look for it in an emergency.

Take it with you when you go to any medical appointments and make sure that it comes home with you.

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New to Canada?

Hello, my name is Marisol and I immigrated to Canada from Nicaragua three years ago. I care deeply about creating a good life for my children, and that means planning ahead so that my children don’t have to make impossible decisions if I am seriously ill.

I worry that in a health crisis my English won’t be good enough to communicate my wishes. That means I need someone to be able to speak on my behalf about health care matters.

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